(An ISO Certified Company)

Incinerators and biogas specialists in India-MEDAYIL INCINERATORS

(An ISO Certified Company)

Welcome to Medayil

We are proudly introducing you NO FUEL incinerators for complete solution of waste management. Our mission is clean Village....clean Kerala.....clean India.....We only manufacture premium quality incinerators with long durability and low cost. High quality branded materials are used for manufacturing incinerators.


India’s first four layer protected home incinerators are our credibility. Our all heavy incinerators are constructed with firewall and insulated wall for high efficiency.

Dragon Lite

Dragon Lite
(Domestic lite use)

  • Capacity 7 kg
  • Portable
  • Approximate wt 80 kg
  • Inside 304-grade Stainless steel with four layer protection
  • Outer body 3mm (MS). Two-layers different thermal insulation
  • Exhaust height 14 feet from the floor
  • Warranty available.

Dragon Heavy

Dragon heavy
(Domestic heavy use)

  • Capacity 12 kg
  • Approximate wt 220 kg
  • Inner lining high-temperature compound for a long lifespan
  • Exhaust height 14 feet from the floor
  • Thermal capacity 1600 degree centigrade
  • High efficiency, Long lifespan, suitable for all weather
  • Specially manufactured for diaper, snuggies etc.
  • Warranty available.


(Smallest commercial plant)

  • Capacity 20 kg
  • Approximate wt 440 kg
  • Firewall thickness 3 inches.
  • Exhaust height 14 ft from the floor. It can be extended as per requirements
  • Thermal capacity 1800 degree centigrade
  • Suitable for all weather. High efficiency and high durability.
  • Warranty available.


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India’s first mini waste burning plant constructed with four layers of protection. Attractive design and suitable for household applications. Use of Medayil Incinerators (DRAGON) ensures prestige while carrying out waste treatment at home. It is also a very suitable gift for presenting to your close friends and relatives. By the use of Medayil Incinerator, you will participate in the Clean India revolution.


  • Fuel and Electricity not required
  • Very suitable for those living in the limited area
  • Exhaust pipe height 14 feet from the floor
  • User-friendly and safe to burn waste
  • Very suitable to use in rainy season
  • Limited space is required for installation (Roof Top, Open yard)
  • Ideal for homes, flats, beauty parlors, dental clinic, and laboratories
  • Gratings made up of stainless steel ( 202 grade)
  • Inner wall made up of stainless steel (304 grade)
  • Thermally protected with 4 layers
  • Avoid land contamination
  • Avoid toxic gases from the breathing zone
  • Low maintenance cost


Our Motto: Clean India … Clean culture in all homes and industries.

All materials for manufacturing Incinerators are specially designed for the furnace. Withstanding thermal capacity 1800 degree centigrade.